Audri has been singing and playing the piano ever since she was a kid. Over time she started sharpening her skills as a songwriter and also took up an interest in production these past years. Her first live-shows were at Lefto presents (Vooruit) and a support for Mount Kimbie (Muziekodroom). Those shows gained her the award for 'Most Promising Artist' at the 2016 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. A bunch of opening shows for Tamino soon followed, so did several solo-shows and her first festivals. Her first EP is finished, Fool’s Gold, set to be released mid October 2018. The first single, Midsummer, saw the light of day in May that year. Audri and her guitar, the recipe is simple yet very effective. The result is a mesmerising ode to the summer, an intense love-story, a bittersweet trip… Think of a blend of jazz and pop, infused with electronics and one of the most intriguing female voices of the moment. Lefto, Tamino and James Lavelle are fans. You’ll soon follow…

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