Avondlicht is the brainchild of Antwerpian electronic musician and producer Matthias Dziwak. His ever emotive sound - dark and broken, yet soothing - floats within a wide spectrum of musical genres, ranging from breaks-influenced dance music and contemporary classical to post-rock, ambient and experimental electronica. His releases have been well received over the last couple of years and invariably followed by a string of live performances; a vigorous collaboration with friend and fellow musician Willem Schonenberg on drums and percussion.​

After releasing three critically acclaimed EPs, Dziwak took a hiatus off-stage to focus on intensive moments of reflection and sound experimenting. During these times, the thin line between reality and a seemingly over-romanticised imagination was explored to the fullest, resulting in his aptly named debut album Hyperromance; a versatile sequence of nine carefully crafted compositions, each one placed uniquely within Avondlicht’s sonic universe, yet all interconnected on multiple levels.

A first excerpt from the album, opening track Porta, will be released on 25 October. This blooming composition is a gentle introduction to Avondlicht’s hyperromantic cosmos, wherein the fragile upright piano serves as a portal into his imaginary universe, composed of sparkling electronic artefacts, driven by tantalising arpeggiators and ripped open by decontextualised rave sounds.

Porta comes with a hauntingly beautiful video, created by the young videographer Lucas Troadec, following three young skaters on their night out through Lisbon. The analogy with how these youngsters experience skating as a tool to escape from reality into their own hyperromantic universe, is striking.

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