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Future Husband is Dutch-Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman. After years spent
touring the world in other bands (Feng Suave, Sofie Winterson), Future Husband is the
debut solo project of Adura, whose sound falls somewhere between intimate reflection and
cinematic grand gestures.

Listening to Future Husband is like floating in a hypnagogic state. The lines between
dreaming and reality blur, a soft gradient painted over consciousness and abstract query
emerging. Gossamer vocals interlace with floating guitars and soaring synths, with lyrics that
take you into vivid, alternate landscapes. This visceral imagery is not lost on Future
Husband, whose music is about processing her first breakup and capturing its rippling
aftershocks: “Even though it was years later, I was still dreaming about the way it ended and
couldn't really process. When I started writing the songs, I quickly knew what I was writing about.”

Loose composition and lyrical concepts were reshaped and recorded alongside
bandmates/best friends Thomas Bosveld, Ivar Otten, Kike Zwagerman, and Twan de Roo in
a location only adding to the ethereal, romanticized feeling of the project: a teepee in the
Dutch countryside. The tracks were further mixed in New York by Grammy award-winner
Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Sia, Janelle Monáe, Coldplay). With every listen, new textures and meanings seem to emerge. Perhaps it’s less so the music changing to the listener, but Future Husband requiring her audience to adapt to the
music: a constantly evolving give and take. As she notes, “Every memory I have of my life is
fluid; it changes over time. Especially when you work with your memories. So now I try to
accept that everything is subject to change, even your mind, and that's okay".

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