Gallowstreet first hit the scene playing local neighbourhood festivals in Amsterdam in

2012, but quickly emerged as a mighty festival machine, jolting fans of EDM (PITCH), jazz (North Sea Jazz), hip-hop and popmusic (Lowlands) alike

with their hard-hitting brass and analogue dance music. After playing all of the top festivals

in the Dutch-speaking world (including Belgium’s Dour Festival) in 2015, Gallowstreet is ready to take on the world with their debut album Battleplan, released June 2016.

Featuring daunting percussion and scalding rhythms topped with explosive riffs and themes from the 10-man horn section. Battleplan makes

for an album that boasts sounds never heard before from a brass band. Not just another brass band playing New Orleans style music, Gallowstreet has carved out its own niche within the genre. Whether it’s hip hop, funk, house or Ennio Morricone feel film scores. The band blends it all together in a unique blend. Enjoy the sounds of Gallowstreet!

Record company: V2 Records