Jan Maarschalk Lemmens, the man behind Glints, marries his poetic stream of words with a hybrid combination of hip hop, ethereal electronica and pop. As if Mike Skinner of The Streets were to hijack a track by Moderat.


Glints makes poetry with a beat as the vibrant heart. Lemmens’ words melt in your ears, with the catchy accent he inherited from his British family. He still has a deep connection with the country and his relatives over the pond. The love of the British language is an important part of the identity of this Antwerp singer and Along with hip-hop it is the seed that led to the birth of Glints.


Kanye West might have opened Lemmens’ eyes as a young teenager, “He introduced me to the sample culture”, it was when he came across British hip hop, though, that Glints began to take shape.  “It was The Streets that meant most to me. Mike Skinner is a brilliant writer. His skill with words, the imagery and figures of speech that he works into his texts make him stand out from the rest. I felt an immediate connection to British hip hop. I love English literature, I’m constantly busy with the English language.”


Meanwhile Lemmens was quietly working on the first Glints tracks. Writing. Scrapping. Rewriting. He deliberately avoided the daylight until the end of 2015, when he came out with Glints EP, followed in 2017 by Burgundy, a 2nd EP. On both his debut and on Burgundy the Antwerp singer worked with London based producer Jergan Callebaut (VUURWERK) and guitarist/producer Matthias Bervoets. “I’m at the helm of Glints, but I’m surrounded by exceptional musicians. Together we turn my ideas into sound.” For Burgundy that sound was touched up by Justin Gerrish, who has worked with amazing artists as Herbie Hancock, D’Angelo and Vampire Weekend.


Thanks to the favourable reactions to his 2nd EP, Glints gained a lot of following in Belgium and picked up a coveted spot at Pukkelpop last summer. Meanwhile, Jan went on passionately and patiently polishing up his sound and continued to work with different people.


That is how the new Bugatti – on which Jan worked with the Antwerp producer Yong Yello – came to life.


Bugatti is Glints 2.0. Furious, fiery, to the point, insanely catchy, but full of fearsome barbs. It’s hip hop, but not as you know it!


 “I don’t want to tie the music to genres. There are no restrictions.”

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