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Ivy Falls is Fien Deman’s band. In her own universe, pastel pink pop and subtle electronics, go side by side. ‘Mean Girls’, Ivy Falls’ first EP, strolls through the flower meadow that separates bands as Deptford Goth, Wet & Sylvan Esso.


Ivy Falls is Fien Deman’s jump into the unknown. It’s her first solo project, after giving people chills with the orchestral pop of I will, I swear and collaborating with Illuminine and Satin Jackets. Fien gathered 3 musicians to form this band: Trui Amerlinck (Tsar B), Xavier De Clercq (Sleepers’ Reign) and Simon Raman (Steiger).


Fien Deman released  the ‘Mean Girls’ EP at the end of 2016. Ivy Falls makes your mind wander, while doing exactly the same. “I hope to move and intrigue people with my music and conquer a spot in their record collection.” In 2018 Ivy Falls is now ready for chapter two. The pastel pink vibe will get a coat of white, to make the minimalistic character of the look, sound and feel of Ivy Falls pop out.

Record company: Unday Records
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