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Upon its release in 2004, the first album of Magnus immediately caused waves across Europe. Here was something different: a dance project led by dEUS frontman Tom Barman and dance supremo C.J. Bolland (Camargue, Sugar is Sweeter, The Prophet...). The result hit both the brains and the guts. Like groups such as Underworld, Magnus managed to get rock fans onto dancefloors – in their own way.

The album, which stayed in the Belgian Ultrapop

charts for 31 consecutive weeks, was an unqualified success there, reaching the second position and Gold status with 25,000 copies sold at the time. Not many first albums can claim that.

Three singles were released from ‘The Body Gave You Everything’: ‘French Movies’, ‘Jump Needle’ and ‘Summer’s Here’ – each a classic in its own right. ‘Summer’s Here’ was one of the key tracks on the soundtrack of Barman’s

first feature film, ‘Anyway The Wind Blows’. Indirectly, it was also one of the reasons the members of what is now Magnus came together.