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sings the weathered, emotionally drained frontman, Kristof Du Jardin, on “Bottom Line”, a song taken from the debut effort from his brand new band.

Integrity is the word of choice when describing this new project. Initially created by the former Set Things Right guitarist alongside fellow STR bandmate and current BEAR & Cobra The Impaler axe-man James Falck, the pair set out to create music close to their hearts, with the intention of spilling them in the process. Something that has proven both cathartic and painful.

Digging up certain memories and emotions that, in some cases, would normally be better off buried, resulted in the pair spending a number of years writing an exuberant amount of music together. Their close and deep friendship, combined with their previous work together in their previous band, provided their work ethic with a strong foundation for the music they had dreamed of making ever since meeting, 10 years ago.

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