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Mathilde Fernandez’s musical project began while exploring the various textures of her voice. her style is widely imbued with strong lyrical influences inspired by her idols : Nina Hagen, Lisa Gerard, Lene Lovich, Mylene Farmer or Rita Mitsouko... Also the second half of the Hard Dance duo «ascendant vierge» ( EP - Vierge, 2020) she is leading by Herself her unique musical project. Between acoustic and electro she has released 2 EP «HYPERSTITION» and «Final Vegas». At the head of her music video clips and visual realization, Mathilde Fernandez continually enriches her baroque universe with some special collaborations such as : La Femme, Christophe, Casual Gabberz, La Tendre Emeute, Perez... ..she’s been touring and has been invited to play for several festivals in france and internationally. Mathilde Lives and works in Brussels & Paris.

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