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MAUDLIN was born in 2004. The band shares their guitar player with Oscar & The Wolf (Pias music) and their drummer with The Spectors (Pias music). MAUDLIN is psychedelic rock reinvented. The listener is exposed to a soul of rawness and deep emotions and meanwhile gets baptised in a bottomless pool of hallucination. Out of that catharsis a roaring beast is born that unveils its true strength. Intensity and experience are keywords during a MAUDLIN set. MAUDLIN is Mastodon on ritalin, Pink Floyd on steroids and Tool on speed. At the very least, MAUDLIN is an overwhelming band that grabs you by the throat and never ever lets you go. Since their birth MAUDLIN released one EP "Solitary Echo" (Offerandum Records - BE - also home of TBHR), two full albums "Ionesco" (Genet Records - BE - also home of Liar, Walls Of Jericho,...) & "A Sign of Time" (Consouling Sounds - BE - Amen Ra, Wiegedood, Battle of Mice,...). They also contributed on many different compilation albums. They played in 14 different countries where they shared the stage with Neurosis, Russian Circles, Kylesa, Amen Ra, Rosetta, The Ocean, Steak Number Eight, Oathbreaker and many others.

Record company: Consouling Sounds
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