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Merdan Taplak (°1983) offers you the sweet feeling of the club - but there is more. Merdan Taplak serves a soundtrack. Who is he, really? A crucible of the present, the past and the future? A half-breed on the crossroads of cultures. A musical guide to tenderness and trance. “People who are on the crossroads of cultures will more easily absorb influences and impressions from so many different corners and send them out again”, explains Merdan Taplak. “Why would you shy away from your double identity?” It does not matter where you come from. What matters is what you do with your cultural background. In Merdan Taplak’s case: lash the groove until it becomes his own. If it is not with his Orkestar, like during his white-hot live shows, it is in the recording studios. This is global music, music from nowhere and everywhere, from the past and the present, with the eyes set to the future. The circle is now complete. The dance accelerates, the vibe is sweet. Eager for more? Turn on, tune in, … rock out.

Record company: PIAS
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