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Angela goes under the alias of Miss Angel, a young lyricist hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. Miss Angel had always been surrounded by hip-hop music but in 2016, she found her lyrical voice and started writing songs and spitting a capella. Not long after, she connected with beatmakers to hit the studio, resulting in the release of three tracks in 2018: Ghetto Superstar, Money Making Mami and All Of The Shmoke.

Early 2019 Miss Angel and Blu Samu switch it up when they feature on KRANKk’s “Like That” and their straight up bars immediately take over the video and demand control. Her energetic live presence leads to more live dates and supports for Night Lovell and Belgian hip hop boss Zwangere Guy in March 2019, right after Zwangere Guy releases his nr 1 album “Wie Is Guy?” featuring Angel’s MC skills on 3 tracks.

Early April renowned Belgian producer Le Motel releases the OST for Belgian film “BINTI” featuring Miss Angel and (long time friend) Martha Da’Ro on title track “Forgotten” and “Feeling Myself”. Meanwhile Angel is hard at work putting the final touches to her first EP “Ghetto Mami” due for release very soon. This money-making mami has big plans and is certainly going places in the Belgian hip-hop scene. Watch her moves.

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