Following the release of her first solo single ‘​Didn't Mean To​’ in 2018, which was described as "​shatteringtheambiguitiesofmodernromance"​ by​​TheLineofBestFit​,itwasclearstraightawaythat Moli was set for a career as both an artist and a songwriter. Her first EP ‘​Résumé​’, released via Majestic Casual later that year, pushed the 19-year-old even further into the limelight. With​ ​Clash Magazine​ calling it "​bright, lively pop music, where each song makes a deep and lasting impression, a clever lyrical touch that seems to nail it down for each listener.”

Following on from Résumé, Moli released two standalone singles ​‘Nowhere’​ and ​‘Lonely Nights’​ in early 2019. On a trip to London that year, Moli met her current producer Chris Zane, known for his work with Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Bat For Lashes and Chloe Howl. The two formed a natural musical bond, and combined with Moli’s admiration for the glamorous aesthetic of the ‘80s and the icons of French cinema of the ‘70s, the collaboration resulted not only in the new tracks ‘​On the Weekend​’ and ‘​Something I Said’​ , but also laid the foundation for her upcoming sophomore project, ‘​Préface’​ , a seven-track EP which is set for release in early 2021.

As well as writing her own music, Moli has also written and co-written many critically-acclaimed pop and dance hits, such as Topic and A7S's ‘​Breaking Me’​ , ​‘Let go’​ by the ItaloBrothers and Kiesza, ‘​Love to Go’​ by Lost Frequencies, Kelvin Jones, Zonderling, to name a few.

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