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Haring : new single 'Community'

Bijgewerkt op: 19 mrt. 2020

Haring drops his third single on City Tracks entitled Community which will be followed by his Blurred album on March 27th.

Listen here to the new single.

Captivating soundscapes, emotive melodies and effervescent, rhythmic vibrations take the focus of the Belgian producer Haring’s extensive productions which crystallised throughout his youth taking inspiration from skate culture and the vast trip-hop scene. Body and soul of the City Tracks label, Haring now pursues his mutation and brings to light his favourite tunes in his DJ residencies at Kiosk Radio & Pure FM.

Community is a tribute to his neighbourhood in Brussels where his new record was produced in it entirety. The song is a dramatic, surging cut soaked in weaving, emotional melodies, fluttering modulations and vibrant percussion which takes shape as the track progresses.

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