Inspired by her connection to Nature and her relationships with others, Reinel Bakole leads us through her haunting voice whose slight scratch reveals a touching sensibility. Her way of singing, lyrical, almost poetical, gives the audience the feeling of participating in an immersive experience whose watchwords are introspection, healing and fulfillment.Instinctive and avant-garde, Reinel Bakole is a multidisciplinary artist whose free spirit leaves no one indifferent.A contemporary, classical and jazz dancer since the age of 9, she showed a greater interest for music when she completed her bachelor degree in Urban Dance at the University of Arts of Amsterdam. She then developed a very particular universe with jazz and Afro-soul influences. Her questioning of her identity as an Afro-descendant woman is at the heart of her compositions and testifies to her strong attachment to Africa and her Congolese roots.Reinel Bakole releasedher second EPCloser To Truthon the 16th of July. With her band, in the intimacy of a homemade studio, they created a 6-tracks EP in which Reinel expresses her personal discoveries on lush beats and tactile rhythms. They move us through each track announcing a new phase of Reinel’s journey. Faithful to her introspective texts, the music is a manifestation of Reinel’s deep and slow burn reflections on the conscious mind by exploring Freudian theory and the ancestral rites of her original Congolese tribe, the Bashi.