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At 21 years old it’s rare to find an artist with such composure and artistry.Sevens is - as young as he may be - an experienced songwriter, with akeen interest in and passion for storytelling. Being an autodidact andmulti-instrumentalist allows Sevens to be one with his music. It trulyfeels as if his heart and soul are woven into his songs. Profound lyricismmixed with enchanting harmonies, sultry beats and a captivatingbaritone voice are all the ingredients you need to be submerged inSevens’ world.
An artist this versatile doesn’t like to be boxed in a genre, but it tends togo towards Alternative R&B. When listening to Sevens’ music, you’ll findyourself engulfed in an oeuvre with echoes of Frank Ocean, DanielCaesar and James Blake.
“Sevens’ debut-EP has been critically acclaimed. He also won theprestigious “Sound Track” award late 2021.

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