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Shhtis notoriously known for theirenergetic,participative live showsand with this new era that remains unchanged. As per usual theirsound still crosses all boundaries of genres. From noise to kraut rockto David Byrnian pop and even someWagnerian classhhticism, all thewhile pertaining a consistent sound unique to Shht.


Shht returns with afreshandmore straightforward sound, stillsounding remarkably distinct to anything else. The new rawness isstill countered by a playful and joyous synth universe along with amore simplistic approach on groove, saving outbursts for a fewdynamic key points.You could say the intergalactic sound of previous Shht encountershas landed on planet Earth.With their new material they are puttingthe message they adhere to out there more bluntlythan ever before.Additional to the classic symbolic meaning, in our uncertain politicaltimes as necessary as ever, Shht claims a novel and introspectivemeaning looking upon the shift in male dominance in society.Previously playing concerts ranging fromBest Kept Secret Festivalin The Netherlands to South Africa’s Oppikoppi Festival, Shht isbringing their spontaneous and virtuoso concerts to many moreconcert halls and festivals this summer.

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