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What can we say about Mathieu Fonsny, aka Matmat, aka Surfing Leons… Night owl? Sure. Workaholic? Definitely. Pioneer of new sounds, always looking for new adventures? Passionately so, to the point of madness even.


When not playing parties and festivals worldwide Mathieu can be found working through the night in his studio both on his own hard hitting House productions, as championed by the likes of people from Brodinski to , collaborating with artists like US Rapper Miss Eaves on releases for label’s like Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada, or remixing acts such as Morcheeba, Telex and Matt & Kim.

Surfing Leons can be listened to at 3:00 pm on the sofa or at 3:00 am in a club. Surfing Leons is clearly house-oriented, in the way Berlin and London are speaking it. Surfing Leons is a playground clash between the old and the new school. In short, Surfing Leons is the music of yesterday, the music of today and most definitely the music of tomorrow.

Record company: Enchufada
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