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The 23 years old Belgian-Congolese rapper/singer/songwriter/producer Grey a.k.a.  TheColorGrey has released no less than 3 EP’s and 1 full album in a period of just 2 years. Also 6 singles were released in that same period, of which  5 were accompanied by a musicvideo.

By doing so  TheColorGrey has established himself as an exceptional and powerful talent in the Belgian music scene. Lauded with the epithets  “urban music all-rounder” and “hardest working talent in Belgian hiphop” this artist of great promess has no doubt himself that his future lies abroad, as many insiders predict.

TheColorGrey's English raps and sung harmonies combine a tight flow with smooth, laidback vibes, soulful beats and thoughtful lyrics. His self-produced music is a very personal blend of hip hop, new soul, blue jazz, cool r&b and urban pop, with touching melodies that often harbor slightly dark or melancholic undertones.  

Record company: Warner Music
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