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VRWRK are East London based producers Matt Say and Jergan Callebaut and vocalist Salem Khazali. They've been consistently turning heads with their singles since they joined forces last year. After playing notable European mainland festivals (Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, ADE) and Birthdays & Corsica Studios in London they released their debut album "On The Outside".

VRWRK drenches the club experiences in a comfortable melancholic haze, creating a dissonance between dance music and intimacy. "Blissed-out dance music for lazy mornings after heavy nights' as The Fader called their music. VRWRK releases everything on their own imprint "Run Tell Secrecy". "It's the creative platform driven by authenticity and emotions", they said in an interview to NME. "It's our label, our studio, our friends, our visuals and the apparel we design

Booking agent: Phillipe van Elk
Record company: Universal Music
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